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Icon for news item #111 Compulsory Unit Bivouac, 19th-20th Nov 2016


A reminder for all parents that our fourth and final bivouac for 2016 is being held on weekend of 19-20th Nov. This is a compulsory activity for the entire unit. Full details & the Joining Instruction download are available by Clicking Here (cadets will have to login to the forums to access the Joining Instruction link) and also on the forums **BIV UPDATES** topic. Alternately it can be downloaded from the Members Only page (in the Unit Downloads section).

The contact number for the bivouac is 0400 369 312.

Form-up: 0655h (6.55am) 19 NOV 16 (see Joining Instruction for location)

Movements: To Biv loc by train to field training area. Arrive FUP by 0930h and RVP by 0945h

Rations: BYO Sat lunch then unit supplied fresh rations for all remaining meals

Dress: Full field order (inc packs & webbing), kitlist is attached to Joining Instruction

Dismissal: 1815h (6.15pm) 20 NOV 16 (see Joining Instruction for location)


Image for news item #111
Published on 11 Nov 2016

Icon for news item #110 First Parade - Term 4, 2016

Posted on 03/10/2016

Congratulations to all unit members on another great term. It was very pleasing to see all our new recruits perform so well on our term-3 Bivouac at the end of last term.

The unit will recommence parading in term-4 as from Tue 11th October 2016. The dress for the entire company is PT Uniform. Unit PT Uniform includes company t-shirt (or other plain coloured tshirt) shorts, runners, 1LT water bottle & track suit (to put on after PT/Sport has finished).

Image for news item #110
Published on 05 Oct 2016

Icon for news item #109 **URGENT UPDATE** Bivouac-3/16

Posted on 08/09/2016

Be advised that we have received final confirmation today that we have the buses for our transport this weekend as originally advised and planned. Therefore, form-up and dismissal dates and timings will remain as published in the forums and the bivouac Joining Instruction.

We know the weather will be cold both days and very cold overnight so ensure you all bring a minimum "-5 degrees rated" sleeping bag and the additional warm weather gear indicated on the forums "BIV UPDATES" topic.

Do not be late to the form-up as the buses will depart very soon after the published form-up time.

Published on 05 Oct 2016

Icon for news item #108 Unit Bivouac Joining Instruction 03-2016

Posted on 06/09/2016

We apologise for difficulties in accessing the documents – this was particularly highlighted during tonight's Parent Info Session.

A direct link can be found here: Download the Biv Joining Instruction Documents(Note: You will need your son/daughter's forum account to access these documents)

Thanks to parents who attended tonight's Parent Info Session. 

For cadets who are still experiencing forums problems, please see the previous post for actions to take.

– CPL (AAC) A. Yeung

Published on 05 Oct 2016

Icon for news item #107 Forums accounts for new recruits

Posted on 02/09/2016

Despite our best efforts, a number of new recruits' forums accounts are reportedly inaccessible due to issues with provided password. Some of these have been rectified since Tuesday and if recruits were having difficulty logging in, here are some steps to take:

  1. Try your issued password again – some accounts were reset back to those passwords & manually tested
  2. Attempt a self-service password reset. Many recruits are using their parent's email address – so make sure to look in the parent's email inbox, or otherwise the recruit's own
  3. If neither of these work, please email to request a reset. 
Published on 05 Oct 2016

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