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News & Latest Updates

Compulsory Unit Bivouac, 10th - 11th September 2016

Posted on 30/08/2016

A reminder for all parents that our third bivouac for 2016 is being held on weekend of 10-11th Sept. This is a compulsory activity for the entire unit. Full details & the Joining Instruction download are available on this Forums topic (cadets will have to log-in to access this). Alternately it can be downloaded from the Members Only page (in the Unit Downloads section). The contact number for the bivouac is 0400 369 312.


Form-up: 0555h (5.55am) 10 SEP 16 (see Joining Instruction for location)

Movements: To Biv loc by bus to field training area. Arrive FUP by 0930h and RVP by 0945h

Rations: BYO Sat lunch then unit supplied ration pack for all remaining meals

Dress: Full field order (inc packs & webbing), kitlist is attached to Joining Instruction

Dismissal: 1900h (7pm) 10 SEP 16 (see Joining Instruction for location)


Past Bivouac flashback


New Recruit Induction Weekend (27-28th August 2016)

Posted on 26/08/2016

This weekend (27-28th August) we are staging a New Recruit Induction Training and Equipment Issue. A handout detailing all timings, locations and equipment required for the weekend was given out last Tue at Closing Parade.


There is no change to timings or locations as outlined in the handout given out last Tue for this weekend.


If you were absent from Parade on Tue (or have lost it) and need a copy of the handout for the weekend please email staff(at)206acu(dot)org(dot)au and we will email you a copy.


Recruit Induction Weekend 27th - 28th August 2016

Posted on 22/08/2016

The unit is staging our 2nd new Recruit Induction Weekend for the year this weekend. This is a formal, compulsory unit parade for all new recruits. If you are joining the unit now you must attend this weekend. The remainder of the Cadet Command Team (and 1PL cadets) are required for Sat only. The weekend will consist of uniform and equipment issue as well as some basic recruit training.

A handout detailing all timings, locations and equipment required for the weekend will be given out tomorrow night to all new recruits after Closing Parade. If you will be absent from parade tomorrow (Tue 23 Aug) then email staff(at) and we will send you an electronic copy of the handout.

Please make sure you check back again on Friday night @9pm to make sure that there has been no change to timings or details for the weekend.